LMU Research Fellowships

The LMU Research Fellowship Program is directed at candidates from all fields of research who have recently completed their doctoral studies with outstanding results. Our program is designed to promote the career development of early-career postdoctoral researchers and to support them in building international networks of collaboration.

Our Offer
The LMU Research Fellowship Program enables you to carry out your own independent research project and expand your academic profile: In addition to an attractive salary and a substantial research budget, you will be provided with a workplace within one of our Faculties and may also become involved in teaching. During the entire period of your fellowship, you will be supported by a professor from LMU who will function as your mentor. As a member of the Young Center, you will also be associated with the Center for Advanced Studies and may make use of its various services.

The New Call Opens on 2 October 2017.
We offer ten Incoming LMU Research Fellowships to outstanding international junior academics and five Outgoing LMU Research Fellowships to excellent early-career researchers with a doctorate from LMU Munich. The closing date for applications is 1 December 2017.

Program Statistics
The LMU Research Fellowships Program was first advertised in 2009 and has been a great success: As a result of the first five calls for applications, a total of 45 fellowships have been awarded to highly qualified candidates from all over the world and from various disciplines – 30 from the Humanities and Social Sciences, 15 from the Natural Sciences and Medicine. 71% of the fellows have come from renowned institutions abroad.

Quelle: LMU