München, 16.–18.05.2019

TransCultAA -
International Conference of the HERA Project

TransCultAA is the first attempt to investigate the transfer of cultural assets in the Alpe Adria area in the 20th century. It engages a multinational team of scholars to analyse “Uses of the Past”, in particular historical and current conflicts of ownership, patrimony, and cultural heritage.

International Conference of the HERA Project in Munich
May 16-18, 2019


Thursday, May, 16

6:15 pm
Wolfgang Augustyn: Welcome (on behalf of Zentralinstitut)
Christian Fuhrmeister, Donata Levi, Barbara Murovec and Ljerka Dulibic: Welcome (on behalf of TransCultAA)

Christian Fuhrmeister: Provenance and Translocation Research - State of Affairs and Implications

Michael Wedekind: Perspectives on Studying Cultural Fleritage and Collective Identities in the 20th Century Alpine Adriatic Region

Steven Mansbach: Response (I)

Discussion, chaired by Barbara Murovec

8:00 pm Reception (until 8.45 pm)

Friday, May, 17

Research Area I
Occupation = Re-Evaluation and Re-Appropriation of Cultural Heritage

9:00 am
Christian Fuhrmeister: Introduction

9:05 am
Martina Visentin: Friuli-Julian March: The Role of Austro-German “Kunstschutz” during the First World War

9:20 am
Francesca Coccolo: Austrian and Italian Negotiations on First World War Art Transfers and Damages

9:40 am
Donata Levi: The Role of Art History (in the First and the Second World War)

10:00 am
Discussion, chaired by Christian Fuhrmeister and Emanuele Pellegrini

10:30 am Coffee Break

11:00 am
Barbara Murovec: “German” Cultural Fleritage in Lower Styria and in the „Provincia di Lubiana“

11:20 am
Antonija Mlikota, Sandra Sustic and Patrizia Dragoni: Transfers of Artworks in Dalmatia during and after the Second World War

11:50 am
Iva Pasini Trzec and Ljerka Dulibic: Musealization Process(es) of Dispossessed Artworks in Croatia during and after the Second World War

12:10 am
Steven Mansbach: Response (II) 

Discussion, chaired by Meike Hopp and Franci Lazarini

1:00 pm Lunch break

Research Area II
Confiscation/Seizure, “Safeguarding”, Exploitation and Use

2:30 pm
Donata Levi: Introduction

2:35 pm
Anneliese Schallmeiner, Daria Brasca and Albena Zlatanova: “Masse Adria” in Trieste. Distribution of Shipments in a Transnational Perspective

3:00 pm
Susanne Kiel: The Handling of Removal Goods of Jewish Emigrants in Bremen after 1939

3:20 pm
Discussion, chaired by Meike Hopp and Michael Wedekind

3:35 pm Coffee Break

4:15 pm
Marc Masurovsky: Dispersal of Jewish Collections

4:35 pm
Simona Greco, Valeria Toscano: Building a Database of Fascist Confiscations in Italy

4:55 pm
Janez Premk and Boris Hajdinjak: The Destiny of Jewish Property/Collections on the Territory that is today Slovenia

5:15 pm
Iva Pasini Trzec: Dispossessions of Jewish Art Collections in Croatia before and after 1945

5:35 pm
Steven Mansbach: Response (III)

5:45 pm Discussion, chaired by Christian Fuhrmeister and Barbara Murovec

6:20 pm
How to deal with Unexpected Information
Helen Brunner in conversation with Christian Fuhrmeister and Donata Levi

6:45 pm
Opening of Poster Exhibitions in the Zentral­institut courtyard (first floor), with reception, and with parallel guided tours of the exhibitions

Saturday, May 18

Research Area III
Coming to Terms with the Past: Negotiation, Restitution, Acknowledgement

9:30 am Ljerka Dulibic: Introduction
Elena Franchi: Removing the Emperor from Pula and Excommunicating the Thieves of an Altarpiece: The Symbolic Meaning of Cultural Heritage

9:55 am
Ivan Ferencak: Ante Topic Mimara’s Multifaceted Roles in Transferring Artworks across Borders

10:15 am
Discussion, chaired by Christian Fuhrmeister and Iva Pasini Trzec

10:45 am Coffee Break

11:15 am
Franci Lazarini: From Private to Public. The Federal Collecting Centre and Slovenian Museums after 1945

11:35 am
Emanuele Pellegrini: Göring in Italy: The Ventura Case

11:55 am
Discussion, chaired by Donata Levi and Barbara Murovec

12:30 am
Roundtable Discussion:
Contested Histories, Conflicting Views, Common Research Agendas?
Steven Mansbach and TransCultAA Principal Investigators (Ljerka Dulibic, Christian Fuhrmeister, Donata Levi and Barbara Murovec)

1:30 pm

Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte
Katharina-von-Bora-Str. 10 | Munich | 2nd Floor, Lecture Hall 242

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